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I was just giving a code for the site from another site from a person claiming 2 want to marry me on the spot move with me immediately it was baby this love you that yada yada yada and this site is exactly the same as the other and that site was so just a heads up everybody they're scammers Add comment

Hey baby want some *** Add comment

I got an email today on my personal email (mind you, I never have signed up for an online dating site) claiming to be someone from this site. Now in my confusion I looked it up to find this site as the second most relevant site. I want to know where the *** they got my email and why they think it's a good idea to *** send me this garbage when I don't sign up for garbage like dating sites. As a deeply rooted christian I am highly offended that a... Read more

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I also never signed up on site and keep getting girls from ghana hitting on me then they ask for $$$$$ everyone of them stay away from them fyi they are hot sexy girls but is a scam Add comment

Take my profile off, every single woman who has contacted me has asked me for money, about 50 different women. They all talk *** for days and when i ask to meet they ALL ask for money and *** me that they're serious about finding a relationship. This site is ***. Add comment

Can get some of the girls that are text me to stop and get unsubscribe from the site Add comment

I never joined but a girl on another site asked to text me, all of a sudden i got an amatuer match code texted to me, she adked what the nimber wad so i told her. Now she doesnt respond? Read more

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This is a totally *** site. Every one of the women who are on the site are so very poor and broke and they never do or will come to your place and I have already told so many of them that they are so very fake. Add comment

i was recently groomed for a word by a lady promising a future together but needed money for lawyer expences to unlock late fathers estate $1.5 million. so being a fool a listened to every lying word i parted with my money how much im to ashamed to say and i know ill never see it again. I woke up when it became obvious it was a scam. *** i feel so *** for being a sucker Read more

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This site is a true scam! I never signed up for it but every so called girl that contacts me seems to be from Ghana. They always have some sad sob story so you feel sorry for them and you will help them out and send money. They are always saying the same *** every time! They are here looking for their soul mate and they are single and have no kids. The way they talk you can tell they aren't from the US. Some will say that they are from... Read more

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