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I never joined but a girl on another site asked to text me, all of a sudden i got an amatuer match code texted to me, she adked what the nimber wad so i told her. Now she doesnt respond? Add comment

This is a totally *** site. Every one of the women who are on the site are so very poor and broke and they never do or will come to your place and I have already told so many of them that they are so very fake. Add comment

i was recently groomed for a word by a lady promising a future together but needed money for lawyer expences to unlock late fathers estate $1.5 million. so being a fool a listened to every lying word i parted with my money how much im to ashamed to say and i know ill never see it again. I woke up when it became obvious it was a scam. *** i feel so *** for being a sucker Read more

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This site is a true scam! I never signed up for it but every so called girl that contacts me seems to be from Ghana. They always have some sad sob story so you feel sorry for them and you will help them out and send money. They are always saying the same *** every time! They are here looking for their soul mate and they are single and have no kids. The way they talk you can tell they aren't... Read more

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I never joined the site and our of the clear blue girls are writing me at my email adress I've never talk to before. I'm absolutely sure this site has stolen my whole profile and photos from another site I am Add comment

When you are an amateur on amateur community, and you send a user on there a thank you message for visiting your site, the user right away blocks you, like crazy8rl, as if they think you are interested in them. What a laugh that is. One guy Scubba Steve, even harasses women on there if you don't give them your number when they ask for it and you can’t give out any personal info!! Don’t they... Read more

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this is all bulshit,i want my money back.profiles are lies,i live in new zealand,profiles say girl from nz,***,they all coming from the states,this is a scam.aresholes id like to know whos really sending all these emails and buddy requests.whoever it is your just a plain old thief and to meet you.this is even ***.having to write a hundred words to say whata loadve *** this is.*** ***... Read more

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I have had several e-mails from these so called poor women. poor my ***.you don't know who your talking with a man or women.i had one send me a photo of her self in a santa's suit,i asked if that was her and she said yes. I zoomed in the photo and it name brooke it turned out it was a photo of a *** star.i have caught several that way,and when you tell them about it they never return.i... Read more

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I never joined but they let you put on a profile. If you click on the words "online cupid" to the right of these girls photos, they admit they are fake profiles, there for entertainmnet purposes.....stay away...they are all fake and will only reply with the same photo and diffferent copy. They used to give a city where the girls were from. Thye dont any more and I keep getting emails from the... Read more

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as a basic member you can do nothing and I am being bombarded by female members. then I noticed they all had one thing in common, out to the right of each and everyone I see the words internet cupid. I clicked on the words and went to all the small print that should be read before paying any money. all cupid profiles are phoney and the same person operating one may very well have more than one.... Read more

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