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I recently decided to try Amateur Match.I paid like most men who have and continued to play the cat and mouse game.

Today, I found out something very interesting that I thought I would share with my fellow brothers. Now I know that most married and single men like to have a good looking woman as a background on their computer to look at when they start the computer. I know I can't get my wife to take a sexy picture of her and allow me to see it on my computer, rather than another woman, so we all go to some site of MILF's or teens to have a selection of what we like best of all. I was looking at some of the women that were online, so I clicked on a few, and I came across the exact photo of a woman that I got from a selection of MILF's pictures that have been posted.

I clicked on that same photo just to see where this woman claims to be living. Well, this woman claims to be local. There is no way possible that this woman lives local, so as some or all of you men out there probably already know about this information, I just wanted to let all of you know. Yes, Amateur Match sends out bait in the messages to men, so it just keeps us interested for the sole purpose that we will keep our accounts going from month to month.

Let's face it, you have a better chance of having sex or a date with your neighbor's wife than any one of these ***'s.Cancel your accounts!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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BTGEE #451191

Hi I was a member but have not =A0renewed as all these girls=A0advertise as=

being in New Zealand I know for a fact that they arn't you gaurantee that =

i would get laid but these woman are full of *** or they are someone y=

ou make up so i canceled my membership so can you sort the real girls out t=

hat live in New Zealand to contact me and give me one month free to see if =

its true=0ABruce Greaves=A0

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