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This is the biggest scam site going. The women that contact you are not real.

I have new messages daily and none of them ever respond to you emails. These F*%kN pigs are ripping men off and something needs to be done about it!!! I am sick of it!! I want my money back and My privacy back!!

They make it *** near impossible to cancel the site!! Somebody has to stop them!! I want my money back and WE should all sue these bastards!! I wish I could find them!!

This is not right!! Don't do it!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1188170

i posted way back in 2007 about this. i stated that if you change your location to one thousands of miles away, every fake profile you have viewed changes to your new location within an hour.

change to another location and they change again. if you create a womans profile you can send all the messages you desire for free.

i spent about 6 months sending messages to men telling them how to discover the robot fake profiles. owner lived in arab country, been too long to remember as this is 9 years later.

american fbi wont do nothing.


yes there are a lot on this sight I know I got take too I lost a lot but I made the mistake too all I can tell you be carefull if money comes up don't send it


I can't even get into the *** thing what a joke


Just read the terms. In the terms they CLEARLY state that the place is full of scammers controlled by them.

See the terms and conditions section: VIII, E, 2

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