There is no more dishonest website on line. AmateurMatch is a ***, a ripoff and a fraud.

They steal your money and you get zero benefits. They block all outgoing/incoming Email and set you up with "plants" until they debit your credit card. Then, after you've been robbed, it's nearly impossible to cancel membership. Watch out or they will keep taking your $ and rendering zero service.

Isn't there some law against their hypocrisy? Perhaps a class action law suit will spur AmateurMatch to some semblance of integrity and a refund to members whom they bilked.

Let's do it!

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hey guys thanks for the heads-up on the bs with the site!!!!!!!!!!!!


What do you expect from ***'s


well i got the same situation first they lure you with lots of girls and messages but when you buy the membership no one send you a reply, i was surfing the internet and i found out that those girls are working on others sites so is it says something? yes definitely is a set up if you read them carefully you will notice things like i want to hang out im so wet about you, so to get rid of that site call to your bank block them, don't waste time mailing them you need your membership id its your second way to cancel it and try free sites like my space

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