pass 9 months i have talk to over 250 women, 250 ask for money. also alot gals on here say living in usa, or was and going to scholl in nigeria.

believe me, thats alie they all live in nigeria, biggest scam country in the world, just because u see girls picture on here dont mean its them, could be another gal or could be man beind this pic and ask for money. happen to mer 3 times, please dont send any money to anyone on here, scam, u wont see the gal and she heck not cuming here, so kiss ur *** good buy if u send money to any women, dont believe and dontrust, i know i learn the hard way and lost over $3,600 to 5 women 3 from nigieria, 1 from indiana, 1 from alambama. u will never see the women and u sure wont get ur money back. dont be sucker like me.

and they all say they dont have phone or cell and alot of them saying there living with there, uncle, lol. u see pretty sexy women on here says looking for men,. dont believe if shes that pretty what in the *** she on here looking, she go to bar one night and fine some one . another country ghana women there same in nigeria.

when they ask for money refuse talk to them again, all ur going here i love u., want u, marry u, want have ur kid, lies, lies. u send monery u pay for something u dream of but never see or get or be with them.

if there so pretty, sexy,built ,nice ***,hot and *** would u be here on compture looking. waste of time looking on here, go ur local bar, do better, less expenesive

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3,600 you have got to be kidding me? ..can i ask did you send any money to lou salazar in the philippines?

I had two different women asking me to send money to (her) to secure our date.I said no to the first one then went back to view her profile and I was blocked by her probably because she knew i was gonna click the report button on her profile the second girl still thinks i am going to send money I just wanted to see what fake pics she'd send me...lol any ways sorry to hear that you got beat out of so much money... (live and learn I guess)


Not a sinbgle woman is either there for the purpose stated or is real. Those who are "real" are all scammers from Ghana!

This site is a complete waste and anyone who says differently is full of SH*T! These people should be thrown off the internet; in fact, this site is a prime reason for some sort of internet regulation!

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