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I too was scammed by Amateur I placed my profile and pic for free.

Then I started getting allot of emails from naked, sexy, beautiful women who wanted to hookup with me. This was to good to be true. I became a paid member and started emailing about 150 women that had emailed me first. What a waste of time and effort.

They were all fake profiles and fake emails from the oc's or online cupids that work for the site to get you to become a paid member.. If you read the sites terms and conditions/user agreement you will see that they put this oc's terms in there to make it legal and so you cannot sue them. This is so wrong. I saw that this business is located in Stockton my home town.

My town has a bad reputation and so does this business. If you leave your personal email address watch out. You will be contacted by women from Nigeria and Ghana 2 of the biggest scam artists countries in the world. They go to work online to scam you out of your money.

do not waste your time and money on this site. The scambuster.

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You must either be the ugliest person or the dumbest *** on earth to fall for that one. I never cease to be amazed of how *** people are. I have some property in the Everglades I can sell you for 1/2 off while you are a 9.5 on a *** o meter.Try going to a strip joint and see if they will have your ugly *** either.

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