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If you are a guy looking for a woman, do not, I repeat, DO NOT spend a dime at Amateur Match. I started with a free account where 6 - 8 women a day were sending email com-ons to me.

A friend had said he got great women from this site and so I thought, OK, I'm getting some good e-mails. I am very attractive man and do attract hot looking women on other dating sites.

After about a week or so, I decided to join to reply to all the hot ladies. No one responded. Not one and all the e-mails stopped. I went to the chat room, and all that were there were scripts of fake cam bots or women wanting you to go to Yahoo Messenger to chat and then wanted to cam for money and wanted your credit card. Some of the women chatting said the same lines over and over. More bots. I felt my stomach hit the floor.

I went out on the internet and googled the site and there were all the complaints. The same was said from the e-mails to the cam gals. All fake. All a scam. I canceled my subscription and tried calling the company. Nothing. I notified bank of America of the company and the tactics. They sent me to the business fraud group. They were great.

I then went back to the site and posted all of the information about the site in my profile and also went out and created a female account, which I then found out had full function without paying a dime.

I posted all the fraud info and a link to the government website www.ic3.gov on my female profile and then started adding 100's of men's as my buddies. I got 100's of replies stating "thank-you" for exposing them there on their own site.

I also alerted the FBI and the Secret Service and they agreed that www.ic3.gov was the best way to report the site's activity.

Daily I go out to check on the site, work the chat room to let the guys know who may have just joined and not know the truth. I hoped that eventually, the fraud team would get them, and today, I see the site is gone. I feel like I have made a difference against these scam artists. Hopefully, they will be gone for good and the other sites that seem to be similar (Fling.com) will meet the same fate.

I hope all that I helped will find this note as well and those who gave me their e-mail addresses I will follow up with once I am sure it is gone for good.

Cheers and Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Monetary Loss: $24.

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Anonymous #975155

Have noticed the same seems to apply to a number of so called dating sites, Cheating Housewives,Naughty Date,Flirt,Fling .com,City Sex,Super Easy Sex,Meet locals,Wild Buddies,I can go on with alot more that I have found,there truly seems to be no legimit site that is trustworthy,they are all scams,you end up replying and they want you to go to some supposed secure sight where it's nothing but cam girls trying to milk you for more money

no nookie #790530

This is also a site to find hookers. They get your information and start e-mailing you.

runningforlife 33 #758946

Scams all over these dating sites .I am receiving the same fake info also.

I am not even a member and I am receiving text messages from women claiming they got my number from amateur .com .

I have no idea what is going ??Beware !!!!!

Screwed #720971

I too believe that amateurmatch.com is a fraudulent site.It sucks that you must call a number to end your subscription.

On most dating sites, you can do it all online. I made the mistake of signing up twice. You get lots of "hits' in the "free" mode but when you subscribe the "hits' decrease and you get almost no responses to your replies to your inbox messages. This site should be shut down but it is under foreign registry.

And now, after I've signed in with my correct login info, this *** site takes right to the login site. It is a vicious circle and I am getting totally pissed! Too bad this site is not in the U.S. where you could turn it in to the Better Business Bureau.

I believe that amateurmatch.com is a total *** scam!:( :cry

GIJoHN Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #699786

I am a recent victim of that scam.I call it the "honey pot scam" cause once your in it takes a lot of work to get out.

The woman in question didn't get a dime. However I need help in cancelling my subscription to that site. Please any insight would help.

My email is john.r.corl2513@gmail.com.please contact me.

Carlos Danger San Fernando, California, United States #697071

Yeah well, I wish I had read this before today. The Site is back up in operation and has been so for quite some time. I too was getting messages from women when I opened my free account.

So, after several weeks of this, I joined (08/09/2013). I figured "what could go wrong."

Well, plenty.

When I did a search for women near me who are interested in "Discreet Relationship or Casual Sex" I was AMAZED at the NUMBER of women in my area who were interested. On NO OTHER SITE were there this many women who were interested. I mean I must have hit the mother load of *** women. I mean I must be dreaming.

Then the old saying "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is" entered my mind.

So, I did some checking.

ALL the women who previously sent me messages were tagged as "Online Cupids" and they had no city or state information in any of their profiles. When I did an inquiring in their "Help" section (what a laugh) as to why, it stated that Online Cupids no longer have their city and state information listed - no reason why.

ALL the women who have sent me messages do not have any city or All state information in any of their profiles. Which I found very strange because, all the women I did searches on, and sent messages to, did.

To top it all off, most of the women who viewed my profile have a 10 digit numbers (telephone numbers) with a comma and then a 2 letter state for their locations. These numbers, of...

Why does this site exist?

Why is it still allowed on the Internet?

Why hasn't somebody banned them?

So, I too am going to be contacting www.ic3.com and registering a complaint with them, in the hopes that this site is shut down.

I am also going to be contacting my credit card company to stop the payment to them.


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slap Atlanta, Georgia, United States #693618

I agree mostmare from Ghana, yet they send you these pictures ofmwhite girls, some of them duplicates, and ask you for money to get them home.Even the ones here in the States, so I think, still ask you for money.

***, I offered to cash in miles for a gal to come see me, and she insisted on the cash. What does that tell you? Have you noticed tha AM, MILFS HOOKUP, and one other all have the same girl asking you to upgrade.

Hmmmmmm.Perhaps, the Feds need to look into it, but hey, hey, they are too busy with other things.

anonymous #645315

I just received 2 in the 2 days.They're back buddy.

Thanks for posting your experience and letting the rest of us guys know.Sorry that bs happened to you.

mick Brecksville, Ohio, United States #607234

I recieved one today it sounds scripted.. soo apparently there still trying..? :upset

Anonymous Poughkeepsie, New York, United States #601731

i began recieving emails from women from the site about a month ago wanting to chat on google talk and yahoo.they all said they saw my profile there even though id never even heard of the site letalone created a profile.there all from america but living in ghana.out of 17 women ive chated with only two have yet to ask for money or a cellphone or my bank account info so they can send me 10000 dollars.the other two seem very nice but i figure its just a matter of time :cry

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