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I paid my dues and expected to meet a few ladies and hoped that it would lead to more then just dating. I had all these offers but when I set a date and time for it to happen it never did.

I tried for three months and realized it was a waste of time and money. I cut off my membership and I get all these nice invites for everything that you can imagine; where were they when I was signed on?

How come they (ladies) all managed to find my profile once I left the site. Can anybody explain that to me.

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I have been duped as well, I tried the site and when I first canceled because there was never any girls. But like you I so many invite when I left I felt let's give this another try.

So the fool that I am, I did with the same results. I would love to catch the owners of this site and give them my size 14s up their tail pipe. But in the end fool me once shame on you. the second time around, the shame is on me and I am still out of my money.

It would be better to stand on a bus stop and ask ramdom ladies for a date, you may have better luck.

Now all I am left with is to deal with all the sex junk mail because they sold my email address and made more money off me. :(

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