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i wrote a profile for amateur match. it says what a piece of sh** i think the website is and degrades women.

it also tells them that i think they can go fu** themselves. however, these women must have no "self esteem" because i have about 500 emails in my inbox telling me how they want to hook up. that was enough proof for me to keep from subscribing. just remember that most all of the internet dating sites are only there to make money.

they use russian photos of hot women and then randomly generate emails. i'm sure that the photos are assigned a local city in your area to make you think they are real.

total bs. think before you give some internet *** money

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Amateur Match and others will copy and save your photographs and use them on profiles that they create to give the impression that good looking people are wanting to find others for sex. Don't fall for their trap.

None of their local profiles are really from people in the area you live in. They are women from Africa who use poor English and will come across as wanting you when all they want is your money!!!


I have another good idea to expose these frauds. Put your contact information directly on Amateur Match's status or in your statement.

You will get lots of responses from so called hot women begging for you to contact them, but they will never contact you at your outside contact information unless they are from Nigeria or Ghana or some other rip off African scam artist country.

I finally saw through their treachery and decided to see what the internet users were saying about Amateur Match and no one had a good thing to say about them. Run from these thieves and don't waste your money on their criminal enterprise.


I put up a picture with a valid outside contact email address and started getting lots of messages for women who said they wanted to contact me for wild sex and stuff. Since my contact information was already on the site, they were trying instead to get me to join and get my money so that they could just scam me.

Of all the persons who did contact me on Yahoo Messsenger all were out of the country, blonde women from Ghana and beautiful buxom brunettes from Nigeria. DUH!! Do these people not know that we are on to their scamming ways!!!

Everyone knows that Africa especially Nigeria is the SCAM CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!! Stay away from these people at all costs...they are not legitimate at all!!!


amateurmacth is a *** site...1000%fake

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