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I join amateurmatch, because i was getting 2 to 4 messages a day from women, well so I thought, after i joined all stoped, not only did they stop. ever message i sent to other weman got no responce.

that is unexceptable, I also am pissed. never again.

I feel if i need to pay for a serves, it should at least give a account for their actions, sending false mail just don't cut it, in the long run they will lose, they might get me once, but thats all.

Don't they realeze people will catch on an not renew, they got my $30 but if they were honest, they would get a lot more.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Add me to the list of people who hate this site. I haven't paid as I checked for bad feedback first.

However I have the free membership. I still get about 10 new messages a day from women. All are hot and most are naked in their pics. How unrealistic is that?

After all the message I've gotten I also see they aren't too imaginitive. It's either you live close lets meet, or What are you up to this weekend. Not much else. It's really funny how many "girls" say we're close and are over 400 miles away.

So anyway I put in my profile to include a certain non profane word if they contact me so I know they are real.

146 e-mails so far and not one has that word in it. Only question I have is how it is possibly legal?


:sigh I experienced the same problems with amateurMatch a month ago and stopped my membership after 1 week into the service because all mess. stop coming.

All the women were very attractive.

They should be taken off the internet. The other problem I had with AM is they signed you up for a online cam service with out getting approval and then take money from your account.


I don't know about you turds, but I have gotten dates off this site and gotten laid! And these chicks are goregous! But then again I have a nine inch ***.


:grin I joined the free leg of this SCAM, just to see. I quickly started getting about ten emails a day, what surprised me, was every single girl was beautiful, no average girls, just all hot babes wanting to meet me, I thought about joining for $25, but I started thinking of the old adege, If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I fuigered, this would be a good scam to make money, bait the guys by flooding their inbox with irrisistable hot women, and they would pay, so what if they don't get repeate buisness, they're getting $25-$30 a head, One guy could be running the whole show. I fuigered, if this is a scam, there would be complaints on the net, and I googled Ameturematch, and here is all the proof I need. Needless to say, they didn't get my money, but I know they're getting tons by guys who don't think to check them out. First, this is illegal internet fraud, and our government is responsible for shutting them down.

Not only that, but they need to pay for this crime by fines, and jailtime. Until then, someone with the skills, needs to barage the internet with warnings to this scam, so that for every ad they put out, they also get a scam warning, to combat his influx of takers. How about a mailbomb from every guy who's been duped? Of course, he would just open under a different name.

How about a hacker thats been duped, destroy his computers?

Justice served? Remember, If it looks too good to be true, no matter how real, and hot they look, it probably is.

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