A couple a months a go, same thing happen to me.

I had about 14 weman email me. when I emaied them back, there was no response. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my laptop.

Now I'm thinking it is a fraud, I have close to 90 weman who have emailed me. The trouble is now I can't upgrade my membership. Amatuermatch won't take my creit card. But after listing to some of the other complaits, maybe its a good thing I can't I can't update my membership. Was hoping it was


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I had over a 1000 weman that emailed me. The site blocks them from responding back to me when i write them . Only one out of 1000 got back to me...She said that the site won't let her login. To send her my personal email address....HOW? How will she read my address????? We need to Sue Amature Match,Class Action Suit.

The value of the heart is priceless. I was looking for a soal mate.





Noble, Illinois, United States #19886

Haha... That's funny.

You made my night. Those *** weman never get back to me either. And I know I "emaied" them all back.

Dat tar be fraide. :eek

Montesano, Washington, United States #14608

WTF is a weman? is it like an oompa-loompa?

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