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Fortunately, I didn't fall for joining this site because I was a little suspect from the begining. I joined for free and started getting all of these emails and was considering joining.

Then my first clue was getting the same email word for word from two different ladies. Then I decided to enter my contact information in my profile instructing interested ladies to contact me directly via email. Never got one reply to my personal email but continued to get many emails from interested ladies. Some emails said.."I liked your photo" and I never submitted a photo.

I live in Costa Rica and was surprised to see so many ladies responding who said they live in costa rica.

This site is total bull *** and should be shut down by somebody.

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I caught on to the scam on here too.When i first joined this site i signed up for the free profile sign up like most sites do to trick you in.Then i kept seeing all these sexy beautiful women that said Columbus ,Ga.Then by the time i paid and joined those same women that was from Columbus end up being from Utah ,Chicago and far way places.I recognized this was a fake i tried to cancel they gave me trouble about canceling and acted like they didn't want to do it.This went on for about a year.Until i changed my account number.I was getting all kind of messages from women when i was a trial member.By the time i joined the full membership I didn't receive any.I new right then this was a butch of bull ***.My mail box if full of fake messages on here right now and I'm not ging to fall for it again.


I too was taken by the allure of amatuer match. I paid my fee's and got nothing.After mt sub ran out I got 50 replys that first month I wasn't active.

There has to be a place to write or maybe we should find out where they are and see them ourselves. :(


I saw to different woman profiles, which was the same. I also think they have people or an "automatic answer e-mail machine" that spam your inbox if you a consider to join.

I searched for woman in Oslo (Norway), and it was about 25. Two days later I got 20 e-mails from women that "lives" nearby me, but that isn`t one of those 25...This is a real fake site. They`ll do anything to make you join and pay, and then they keep on going spamming others to make them join....And a little thought...if I`m from Norway, why don`t anyone of the write on Norwegian to me?

Are all of the 20 nearby women foreign?..hehe. I can`t belive that..hehe.

Queens Park, Western Australia, Australia #28077

I think you are all correct!

Perhaps there are some lawyer types out there, maybe a class-action lawsiut on behalf of all the people the defrauded might put a kink in there ability to rip us off. cancel your subscription NOW!!

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