Thought Amateur Match would be a great way to meet someone compatible in my area. I receive lots of email.

Even corresponded with several ID's. However they never committed to meeting. Never went beyond more than a first or second note conversation - even after multiple notes. So I ended my membership.

Then the floodgates opened... so many emails and non of them could be found in search. Did receive lots of IM spam.

Am currently trying to have my profile removed.

Have sent 3 emails and made one phone call. The customer service person will not remove my profile unless I provide the credit card number which was used for the membership!

This site is a dump of *** cam scams and prostitution. I was solicited by someone over 20 years my junior via IM.

Not a single real person. Don't waste your time or money. If I could sue to recoup my brief membership I would.

Everything they advertised was a lie. They should be investigated for fraud and shut down.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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