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I have been customer for 2 weeks of Amateur match.Ive read the complaints here b4.

I tried to cancel it and they sent me to a page that"cant b found".Imagine that. Im not done fighting yet. The time will come for them to pay the reaper.

I started by just looking, then went for the dive.

I had seen several of the women in the town i live n , but couldnt approach them.Once I saw them on there, i was really ready to go after them.Wow, what a shock.Never again will i do this, il just approach them.Some of people n there were even found, even though it showed them n line


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John #239165

Here is the phone number to cancel for reference: 1-877-265-3085

cmdishr #56530

Come on guys, dont be so naive.Of course it is BS.

How many hot women on dating sites contact the man.

Look at their profile in the upper right hand corner it says "OC"

that means online cupid...translation FICTION.The person doesnt exist

ex AM member... #54504

i was a member for like 5 months and i also couldnt cancel so i did the next best thing and canceled the card i was paying with.

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